How to Treat Ringworm

How to treat Ringworm is the first question in the mind of all of those that get it (and their family’s). Rest assured, in this review we’ll answer that question.

But what is ringworm, after all?

ringworm spot imageContrary to what the name suggests, the disease isn’t related to any kind of worm: Ringworm are dermatophytes. Derma what? It’s a fungus: Dermatophytes are a common name for a group of fungus that causes skin disease.

They cause fungal infections of the skin (others on the hair and nails), due to their ability to feed on keratin, the material found in the outer layer of skin, hair and nails. And one of those kinds of skin conditions is ringworm, also known as tinea.

How to treat and cure Ringworm

A lot has been said and written on how to treat ringworm. Actually dozens of different treatments have been suggested and used: some good, some bad. You have: prescribed medication; over-the-counter products; and of course, home remedies. For starters, I believe we should completely forget about home remedies, for 5 main reasons:

1 - Most are just myths, they simply do not work, people waste time and money until they realize they’re making a fool of themselves;

2 - Some will disguise the problem, for example by changing the skin color on the infected area, delaying real treatment, thus contributing to make the problem chronic;

3 - When one of these “remedies” “works”, it does it temporarily — in an irregular, unpredictable and unreliable way, making you more prone to relapses;

4 - There is no research whatsoever on these so called remedies, so you have no reliable information on side effects or even long term consequences;

5 - Some actually make things worse by damaging the skin, opening doors to infection, and getting in the way of your immune system’s work.

So you should go for the real treatments: prescribed medication and over-the-counter products.

Regardless of how many ringworm treatments there are, we can divide them in two groups: internal and external.

Internal are all products that you take into your system orally, namely pills or tablets.

External are the products that you apply on the skin, over the ringworm infection, namely topic products.

To best decide on how to treat ringworm, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both ringworm treatment groups:

Oral Ringworm Treatments:


  • Not much pros, perhaps it’s easier, just taking a pill…


  • Tends to be more expensive;
  • All effective oral treatments need prescription – you’ll need a consultation to get them (time and money…);
  • Most aren’t really that effective;
  • You’re exposed to many side effects, and most treatments are aggressive to your internal organs (like the liver). The side effects is where the most serious cons of oral ringworm treatments are. They can include (alone or in combination):
    - Nausea;
    - Diarrhea;
    - Headache;
    - Indigestion;
    - Skin rashes;
    - Birth defects – in this case women can’t take it if pregnant, or if intends to become pregnant soon after stopping treatment. Men shouldn’t father a child within six months of stopping treatment;
    - Can harm the baby in case the woman is breastfeeding;
    - As mentioned, can be very dangerous to people with liver disease;
    - Can be very dangerous to people with lupus;
    - Can interfere with oral contraceptives;
    - May affect your ability to drive;
    - Can enhance the effects of alcohol;
    - May interfere with or alter the effectiveness of certain medications.
  • The treatment tends to last longer.

Topic Products Ringworm Treatments:


  • They tend to be less expensive;
  • There’s no need to consultation to obtain them;
  • They tend to be a lot more effective;
  • Side effects are practically zero;
  • With a good one, you’ll see results very quickly.


  • Not much cons, in some cases the infection spots won’t be that easy to reach, and you might need someone else to apply it for you, but that might not be really a con, right? ;-)

With all the products available, isn’t always easy to find the best for you. The problem with some products that have been around for quite some time is that they aren’t that effective, and or are very expensive. Also, they’re not specific for ringworm

How would you like a new, top quality product, by a reputable company, with a great value for money?
Wouldn’t that be awesome?

ringworm treatment product imageThis is where the good news start: after years of research on how to treat ringworm, a world class company expert in fungus treatment created the best topic ringworm treatment you can have: Phytozine.

What’s so great about Phytozine? Unlike many of the topical treatments available, this new product was created specifically to treat ringworm infections. Phytozine has been created to not only eliminate all of the fungi that cause ringworm but also to work effectively and fast.

Now you can treat ringworm at home easily with this new highly effective and safe product, Phytozine.

P.S.: Suppose you find a ringworm oral treatment product that has a lower price: Is the price of Phytozine worth it? Well, oral medication (terrible) side effects aside, you’ll have to assess the complete treatment’s cost, and if you’re using a low effectiveness product, the needed extended treatment period, and the higher probability of a relapse will increase the price – a lot!

So, for a clean healthy skin, you’re always better served with a high effective product to treat ringworm: Phytozine.

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